Zigzag (ジグザグ?) is the sub-boss of stage 3 in the Game Boy version of Nemesis.


Zigzag is made up of four small, circular crafts, which can combine into one much larger ship. The large ship is invincible but the smaller crafts can be destroyed.

Attack patterns

These four crafts rotate around the screen and quickly come together to form the large ship. This ship will rebound around the boss area with great speed and care must be taken to avoid it. Whilst this is happening, minor enemies will occasionally spawn and fly vertically between the floor and ceiling, giving you an extra obstacle to deal with.

Eventually the large ship will break apart and you can press on the attack again. When all four craft are destroyed, you will have to take on Striker.


  • With the popular theory that Gradius ReBirth is based off the Game Boy version of Nemesis, it is generally believed that this sub-boss was used as a basis for the Moai Orb boss.

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