Yu-Gi-Oh! is a manga series created by Kazuki Takahashi and serialized on the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. The story focuses on Yugi Muto and his alter ego Yami Yugi, with most of the conflict being solved in the form of various gambling games. The series would spawn various anime and video game adaptations, all of which focus exclusively on the Duel Monsters game, a trading card game wherein players face each other by using cards depicting fantasy monsters.

A real trading card game named Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, based on the Duel Monsters game from the story, was later developed and published by Konami, featuring cards based on the monsters from the manga and anime series. Konami also created their own cards, some of which are based on various Konami properties, which later made their way into the anime and video game adaptations. Many of these cards are based on Konami's various shoot 'em up titles, with an entire set dedicated to the Gradius series.

Vic Viper cards

The Vic Viper alone has it's own set of cards, including the ship itself (curiously named "Gradius" in the international revisions) along with a few spell cards which serve to give it various buffs, all of them based on the powerups from the Gradius games.

Other Starship cards

Along with the Vic Viper, many of the other starships featured in the series also got their own cards, all of which appear as LIGHT-attributed monsters.

B.E.S. series

The B.E.S. is an entire card archetype of Machine-type monsters, all of which are based on the Core Warships from the Gradius series.

Deltatry and Trigon

The Deltatry also got it's own card as well as two spell cards to support it. It's not a part of the B.E.S. archetype, however.

The four stickmen

Koitsu, Aitsu, Soitsu and Doitsu, the four paper-airplane-riding stickmen from the Parodius series, have also gotten their own set of cards.

Other Gradius related cards

A few other enemies and bosses from the Gradius series also got their own cards.

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