The Wreek is an ethnic group appearing in the Gradius and Nemesis series.


The Wreek was an ethnic group living in the southern hemisphere of Planet Gradius. Although their lifestyle was primitive, they possessed psychic powers which allowed them to communicate telepathically with other tribes. The psychic power possessed by a wreek was known as "Wreek Power" and was known to be usable as an energy source for all kinds of powered equipment and living bodies. This singular power is maintained by a strong and special magnetic ion held in their bodies, thus making them susceptible to a variety of cosmic rays which exist in nature, this being their reason for taking residence in the southern hemisphere, where the incidence of cosmic rays is relatively low. However, the Imperial Government grieved over the wreek people, refusing recognition.

Attacks on the Gradius star in the "Northern Cross War" had little direct effect on the wreek settlement area, but many wreek people perished due to the influence of cosmic radiation emitted from the explosion of stray bullets. After this battle, only twelve wreeks survived. However, the rescue activities of the Imperial Government and its reconstruction efforts never reached the wreeks, causing four more to die. During this time, the distrust and hatred of the wreeks' empire rapidly increased.

Among the surviving wreeks, it was Venom who hated the Empire the most. After a while, he headed to the north of the Imperial Government with four of his friends and eventually ceased communications. Only three wreeks remained, and James Burton was among them. James was three years old back then, an orphan who lost his parents to the Northern Cross.

The Gradius Empire Space Agency, which was undertaking research on wreek power, completed an analysis report on its power and utility value and, based on its significance, reported its early recognition of the wreeks to the Imperial Government. Based on this report, the government decided on the official recognition of wreeks and launched the wreek Protection Policy, followed by a large-scale wreek survey. However, the wreeks felt distrust on the Empire and opposed the Empire's protection policy, all wreeks except James, who was housed in the Space Agency for wreek power research, and who would soon leave the Imperial Government. James, who aimed to participate in the future Empire Space Air Force, remained in the Space Agency.

Known wreeks

  • James Burton
  • Venom
  • Venom's Aides:
    • Colonel Anthrax
    • General Judas Priest
    • Colonel Motorhead
    • Lieutenant Overkill
    • Lieutenant Testament
    • Colonel Total Death
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