Volcano is the fourth stage in the arcade version of Gradius II.


Another classic volcano-themed level that takes place on Eioneus. This stage sets the standard for all future volcano levels, with multi-tiered geography, tropical mountain ranges, and the iconic erupting volcano obstacle.

The level has a reputation for being a roadblock for beginning players because of a particular terrain/enemy configuration shown in the picture. There's a vertical bottleneck passage the player must navigate, and above it is a hatch that launches a volley of flying enemies at them. Between the Duckers walking around, the turrets on the floor and the many bullets coming from the enemies that emerged from the hatch, the encounter is a tricky one to best in order to proceed to the remainder of the level.

Further on in the level are two inverted, erupting volcanoes, and the last segment of the stage is characterized by a trademark stretch of enemies. The level requires you to stay on your toes; try to remain powered-up and know your way around.


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