Volcano is the first stage of the original Gradius. It has been updated and remade in the majority of later games in the series.


This stage is located on planet Eioneus. The layout is designed with a rocky mountain landscape in mind, with some trees added in to make it look more realistic. Near the end of the stage, two volcanoes appear in the middle of the screen that go active as the player passes by.

In later appearances, plateaus jutting from the ground and the ceiling are present, which make maneuvering through the stage difficult, especially when combined with Duckers and turrets, possibly making it difficult to shoot down depending on their position.




  • In the NES version, navigating the Vic Viper through the mountain cut in half earns 5,000 points to the player. There's also an 1UP hidden behind the rock in the middle of the screen.
  • A recreation of this stage can be played in The Legend of the Mystical Ninja.
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