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Van Landroth Frehley is a supporting character mentioned on the manual of the MSX port of Salamander.


Van Landroth Frehley is a archaeologist from Latis and the head director of the Gradius Imperial Space Archaeology Institute. He originally studied the prehistory of Latis and the Ancient Latis Civilization, moving to Gradius to study the Wreek and their Wreek power and its connections with Ancient Latis. However, his interest of study shifted to the so-calçled "Prophecy of Fire", an ancient prophecy left by the Ancient Latis People which warned of the impending crisis which Latis would come to face.


  • The surname of this character, "Frehley", is probably a reference to Ace Frehley, an American guitarist mostly known for being one of the cofounders of the rock band Kiss.
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