Valhalla is the final stage in Otomedius Gorgeous.


Valhalla is a moon-based war factory orbiting the Earth of the Gofers' home Earth iteration. Valhalla is currently in standby as a backup base of operations, as the Gofers have moved their base of operations into Bacterian Tokyo for easier access to the rest of the Multiverse. Being just a war factory and hanger, Valhalla lacks many things which Bacterian Tokyo provides.

Valhalla is a Bacterian Moonbase with a boss rush section at the end. Its design features a heavy hexagonal design, making it look somewhat similar to a honeycomb.



Note: There are only four boss fought on a playthrough. Bosses are choosen randomly from the list with the exception of Odin Core, which is always fought at the end.


  • In Scandinavian mythology, Valhalla is a majestic, enormous hall located in Asgard, ruled by the god Odin.
  • In some hexagons of the fortress, you can see some classics shoot'em up from Konami, like Xexex, Detana!! TwinBee and Parodius.
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