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Vaif (ヴァイフ?) is the second boss in the stage 5 of the arcade version of Gradius III.


It is fought after Dogas. It is actually not one big Moai, but 6.

Attack patterns

The 6 Big Moais spit smaller Petit Moai just like Big Moai. However, they get bigger when hit until they explode.


Successfully killing all six heads is almost impossible, as not only do their attacks overwhelm and reduce maneuverability, but their mouths are positioned in ways that are not easily hit by most weapons. The best option is simply to destroy the majority of the heads to reduce their attack power and then focus on dodging the little Moais (don't shoot them) until the battle times out. Certain Double weapons (e.g. Vertical) can alleviate the difficulty of blowing all heads.

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