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Greetings! My name's Fel1230 and I'm a HUGE Gradius fan since I was 5 years old. Heheh, Gradius was my first NES game, then Gradius II.

Attempting to save the Gradius Wiki now, since this place has gone into chaos of blank pages and fake information.

Fav Game series:


  • Gradius (Gradius Gaiden and Gradius II are my fav)
  • Nemesis
  • Salamander (All the Series)
  • Twinbee (Twinbee Yahoo! and Detana are awesome)
  • Otomedius
  • Parodius (Especially Sexy and Jikkyo)
  • R-Type (The Third Lightning and Delta are my fav)
  • Raiden (I love Raiden such as Gradius, R-Type or Otomedius!)
  • Image Fight
  • Thunder...Thunder...Thunder... Thunder Force!!! (Sorry for the parody)
  • Konami Classics like: Axelay, Xexex, Contra, Space Manbow
  • Other shmups like: Galaga, Viper Phase 1, Summer Carnival 92 Recca, Einhander, Radiant Silvergun, etc.

Other Wikis currently editing or watching

My contributions

  • Helping with the bosses in all categories
    Madoka 3

    Well, Madoka too, she's cute

  • Fixing typos, adding pics, expanding articles, etc
  • Take a look here

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