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Twin Vaif (TWINヴァイフ?) are the fourth bosses in the Super NES port of Gradius III.


The Twin Vaif are a pair of Big Moai, and as such, they can spew out miniature Moai toward the player. The US version of Gradius III calls them Mega Monolith. Their weak point is the mouth, and both must be destroyed in order to defeat them.

Attack patterns

Unlike the original Vaif arcade boss, which consisted of six Moai facing in odd directions, Twin Vaif has been reduced to only two, keeping the same basic attack as Big Moai. They can now occasionally cause earthquakes, which makes loose rocks to drop from the ceiling. When one of them is killed, an additional earthquake will happen; and even when the final one is eliminated, care must be taken to avoid their final attack, as this can still kill the player.

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