Triple Core (トリプルコア Toripuru Koa?) is the third boss of the boss rush in Gradius Gaiden.


A collection of small Core Warships, these 3 assault you as the third boss in the boss rush. They attack in sync, and have more health than you would expect.

Attack patterns

The Triple Cores will dart around in circular patterns, firing bullet sprays forward. After a few seconds, the cores will lock together with electricity and form a triangle. They will spin around the area, firing large shots towards the center of it, and after a while return to normal formation. If one of them is killed, the cores change their tactics. The remaining two will hook electricity to each other and swing them selves around the room, stopping in corners to switch the pivot point. They will also spray shots while they do this. The only real safespot from the laser sweep is between them and the wall. If only one ship is left, it will also change its attack pattern. It will act like a normal triple core (e.g. moving in a circle, firing shots) but then it will fire a very large pink laser which it will sweep after your ship. After that, it will go back to its old attack pattern.


  • If one of the cores is killed just at the right time when they attempt to lock together (e.g., before the core is fully invincible), then the cores will remain in the same place sparking, and the cores will stay invincible while not doing anything, essentially stopping the game.
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