Tenuki Tenuki Buzz (テヌキテヌキボーズ Tenuki Tenuki Bōzu?) is the stage 3 boss in Parodius.


He is a gigantic ghost with a drawn face and hangs from a strand of rope. Although he can be damaged by being shot anywhere, his main weakpoint is the rope he is hanging from. He'll fall once it breaks.

Attack patterns

Tenuki Buzz will attack by releasing small ghostly versions of himself which will continue to chase the player until killed. The player has to take care of the ghosts as they will swarm if there is a lot of them.



  • This boss is based on the Teru teru bozu, a doll made of a piece of cloth and hand-drawn face, used as an amulet to ward off bad weather.
  • It is unknown who is controlling him from the rope or where the rope is hanging from.
  • The Disco Ball boss from Jikkyō Oshaberi Parodius shares a slight resemblance to this boss, right down to the weakness (SNES version only, it can be hit anywhere in the remakes).
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