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The Temple Lord (殿様 Tono-Sama?) is a boss in Jikkyō Oshaberi Parodius.


The Temple Lord appears as the sixth boss in the Super Famicom version of Jikkyō Oshaberi Parodius, and the penultimate boss of the PlayStation/Saturn version. He is a guest from Crazy Cross/Taisen Puzzle Dama, where he acts as the final boss.

Attack patterns

Super Famicom version

  • He always start by throwing his fan at you, which will follow you for a bit and then return to his hand.
  • He will generate boxed Puzzle Balls which fall from above and stack in front of him, making avoiding his fan attack harder.

PlayStation/Saturn version

  • He will throw two fans at you with the same SNES pattern in his temple form and shoot the boxed Puzzle Balls forward, then attempt to ram into you.
  • When the temple is defeated he will start moving faster and shoot Puzzle Balls that split in four then throw his fan at you.



  • The game has two references to the Sailor Moon series, one of them being the third cap of this boss.

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