Tako's Cutie (タコのA子 Tako no A-ko?) is the final boss of Gokujō Parodius!


She is a large, sexy, pink octopus wearing a tiara that's adorned with jewels, having a veil draped over one of her tentacles with lipstick on it imitating a mouth and has cartoonish green eyes.

Attack patterns

Like many final bosses of the Gradius series, she does nothing but sit there and be worshipped by penguins. She has no defense other than a poofy pink fan, but even then you can shoot below or above the fan as she can be shot anywhere on her body. When defeated, she will shout out and turn blue. During the after cutscene, you can see her tentacle in the background coming out of the entryway with a bandage on it.



  • She's a parody of Gofer from Gradius II: GOFER no Yabō.
  • She has a more realistic appearance than most octopi in the Parodius universe, which have a cartoony look with funnel mouths. She may have a funnel mouth on the side of her body, or it may just be her other eye. She might also differ from the other octopi by having a beaked mouth, although there's no way to tell if she does. But one way or the other, the most likely place her mouth would be is underneath her.
  • Her Japanese name is a possible reference to the Project A-ko anime series.
  • Her outfit appears to be based on Indian aesthetics.
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