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Go fishy!
~ Tako

Tako (タコ?), also known as Mr. Parodius, is the main character in the original Parodius and Parodius Da! His relatives, Takosuke and Takohiko, went on to star in the later games of the Parodius series.


Tako was once a nameless Octopus on Earth, a wannabe comedy artist who had unfavorable experiences on the set of the movies Octopus-Sea, where he was rejected for failing to obtain a License to Chill, and later Monsters, Ink, where his career was quickly ended due to firing ink at his critics.

He chose to travel the universe to find his place, and become a real entertainer.

He became the "Dreams n' Hopes Programmer", giving the dreams to the people of the stars who argued there is neither dream or hope, and even those that forgot their dreams.

At a later date, he heard that the people of the Earth, where he had once spent his career, were losing their dreams.

He became sworn enemies with the cause: Bug.

Bug devoured and corroded the dreams and hopes that Tako programmed and gave to the people. His appearance was always sudden, often whilst Tako was on his break.

After failing several times to catch him, Tako enlisted the help of the retired anthropomorphized Vic Viper, the arctic adventurer Penta, the master thief Goemon, and the legendary hero Popolon.

Weapon Set

  • M = Missile, "NUKE'EM"
  • D = Double, "2DEATH"
  • L = Laser, "DIE ALL"
  • O = Shadow Option, "NINJA"
  • ? = Shield, "ARMORED"

Other appearances



  • His name literally means "Octopus" in Japanese.
  • Takkon, an enemy from TwinBee 3: Poko Poko Daimaō, is very similar to Tako, both in its looks and name. However, it's unknown if they are related to each other.
  • Tako's wife name Noriko is based on Noriko Ohara, the voice actress who did the narration of the second player in the PSX and Saturn ports of Jikkyō Oshaberi Parodius.
  • In Bomberman Generation, a continent called Tentasia shares a striking resemblance in shape and design to Tako; even the bandana on Tako's head has been crafted into the continental shape.
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