It must blow your mind that a Bacterian like me could infiltrate in school!
~ T.B. Rika

T.B. Rika (T.B.リカ?) is an antagonist in Otomedius Excellent.


Ms. Rika is known as the homeroom teacher in St. Gradius Academy. However she's a Bacterian as spy warrior to take down the Angel Squadron as well as the Organization G itself. She's the pilot of the Tri-Pod Core.

She is voiced by Hitomi Harada who also voiced Kokoro Belmont.


  • Probably, or not, she's Chichibinta Rika, or a descendant, since her last name is Rika and her theme song is "The Final Enemy" which is literally based from the Parodius series.
  • Her Riding Core, Tripod Core is possible to be based an Original Alien Tripod from the 2005 film version of "War of the Worlds".
  • T.B. Rika is the first villain character that shown her true identity to the squadrons during the beginning of the boss battle.
  • T.B. Rika is a scientist and a teacher of the St. Gradius High School (Anoa, Tron and Fuuma) but she has secretly joined the Bacterian Army as Spy Warrior and settled things up to destroy anything, even the Angel Squadrons.
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