Super Bomberman R (スーパーボンバーマン R Sūpā Bonbāman R?) is an entry in the Bomberman series developed as a launch title for the Nintendo Switch as a timed exclusive, then later ported to other consoles in June 2018. It includes many characters hailing from either past Hudson Soft or Konami IPs, who have been released as free updates.

Gradius-related Bombers

  • Vic Viper Bomber: A Super-Dimensional Bomberman from the Planet Gradius. An ace fighter in the Gradius Space Force, he spends night and day battling to ward off the invading Bacterian Army. Once he learned of Planet Bomber's peril, however, he came to offer his aid. He specializes in synchronized attacks performed together with formations of Multiples, or "Options," which also relate to his name's origin.
  • Option Bomber: An Automated Support Bomberman, developed on Planet Gradius to assist Vic Viper Bomber. Its data-linking capabilities allow it to lock on to Vic and follow him with precise accuracy, shadowing his movements and performing simultaneous attacks to help him annihilate enemies. It isn't really self-aware, and as a result can be very stubborn, but what it lacks in flexibility it makes up for in loyalty and ability to follow orders.
  • Octopus Bomber: A Bomberman from Planet Gradius's brother planet, Planet Parodius. His occupation is "programmer of dreams and hopes". While traveling the universe, he gives dreams to the people of various planets. While he's amusing, his passion is genuine. He also fought alongside the Vic Viper Bomber.
  • Vic Viper Zero Bomber: A new type LEV Bomberman from Planet Anubis. Being the third unit of the three mecha developed for testing, it is far more advanced than previous LEV due to its Metatron technology. He is best friends and also rivals with Jehuty Bomber and has a fairly close relationship with Jehuty's A.I. "A.D.A."


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