Sodd (ソッド?) is an enemy in Nemesis 2 and Nemesis '90 Kai.


These living statues appear during the actual stage, but finally attempt to stop the player in force, towards the end by ganging up in multiple columns. They appear to have the ability to phase through the ground.

Whilst only appearing as a Sub Boss in one game, they later make a cameo in Gradius ReBirth during the Moai Orb boss fight, and return as a standard enemy in Otomedius' Moai level. These creatures cannot be killed in Nemesis 2, and are only background in ReBirth, but can be eliminated in Otomedius.

Attack patterns

These creatures move in columns, and must be waved between, as they move up and down. They fire frequent rocks, which can be destroyed. What's probably more worrying, these creatures are accompanied by regular stage enemies, particularly Gun Placements. When you have survived the onslaught, you must then face the Riot Warship.


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