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Sinar (シナー?) is a sub-boss in Nemesis 2 and Nemesis '90 Kai.


Sinar is a unique variation on the Gunwall usually found in Gradius games. It's the sub-boss to Stage 7, and precedes the Abaddon Warship. It is a small Core Ship with limited weaponry, its main method of attempting to defeat the player lies in the enemies that appear alongside it. These include 7 large moving "blocks", which double as both the Core's primary method of attack, as well as its defense.

The weakpoint is the the core. The blocks that accompany cannot be destroyed by normal weaponfire. However, if a Blue Capsule appears during the boss fight, collecting it will destroy all blocks on the screen, leaving the boss very vulnerable.

Attack patterns

The Sinar itself will continually fire small projectiles towards the player, quite rapidly, but easily avoidable. It is flanked by a series of Ducker Robots that appear from behind the player. The blocks that inhabit the arena will move vertically, and rebound off the walls.


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