Shiori Fujisaki (藤崎詩織 Fujisaki Shiori?) is an antagonist in Otomedius Excellent.


She is a guest character from the Tokimeki Memorial series, a sim-dating game series created by Konami.

She pilots the Heaven's Gate which has been repainted to look like her summer school uniform, and she is voiced by her original voice actress Mami Kingetsu.

In Otomedius Excellent, she is a human girl from St. Gradius Academy who discovered T.B. Rika is an alien. Rather than expose her, though, Shiori became infatuated. An alien nut, she studies Ms. Rika, who in turn misleads her about her alien nature by claiming she's from planet Latis. Shiori has never met the Gofer Sisters in person, though they have spoken in audio-only communication. The Sisters, via Rika, gave Shiori a Core ship to seal her loyalty, and Rika has been teaching her how to use it.


  • Shiori is the first Tokimeki Memorial character to be portrayed in a villain role, despite her ordinary appearance and kind demeanor.
  • Otomedius X marks Shiori's first appearance overseas in any form, with the exception of people importing the original Tokimemo games from Japan. The game also significantly departs from her established Tokimemo persona by having her being an alien nut.
  • Before appearing in Otomedius X, Shiori also appeared in Jikkyō Oshaberi Parodius along with her fellow Tokimemo alumni before the boss fight with Hikaru and Akane.

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