Shining Core (シャイニングコア Shainingu Koa?) is the third boss in Gradius Gaiden.


The battle starts off with two red crystals colliding with each other, with one them exiting the screen, followed by a huge orange crystal with a medium sized spaceship inside appearing from the top-right corner; it will then collide with the remaining crystal, sending it offscreen, and the orange crystal will then position itself in the middle-left part of the screen, breaking apart and releasing the Shining Core, which has four barriers.

Attack patterns

Shining Core first appears inside a huge crystal which then shatters (the expelled debris won't cause damage). A smaller craft will attach to its back end, which is where its rainbow laser attack comes from.

At first, it will fire two long lasers and eight chaff shots which last about 2 seconds; this is easily avoided by staying in the middle of them. It will then fire a huge amount of chaff, lasting 5–10 seconds; if you zig zag, most of them will miss you. Then, it will fire its signature four rainbow lasers, which last about 4 seconds, while also firing twin lasers from its normal cannons three times. It's not too hard to avoid this. It will then repeat the process.

When defeated, the small craft will blow apart and the main core will warp away.


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