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Salamander is an artificial planet and final stage in Salamander and Life Force (where it is referred to as the "Brain Area"). It is the base of the namesake attack force, and is also home of Zelos Force who is the core of this base.



During the events of Salamander, the Vic Viper journeys through the Salamander to reach the fortress of the Zelos Force. As the Vic Viper reaches the inside of the base, he must defeat several Big Core MK Is. After passing through the base, filled with so many mechanical enemies and pink lasers rising to destroy it, the Vic Viper finds the Zelos Force and easily destroys it, exiting Salamander before it explodes.

Life Force

In Life Force, despite being referred to as the "Brain Area", its appearance is largely left unchanged, still resembling a mechanical base. The final boss, Zelos Force, also looks the same, although now is apparently the namesake brain of the "Brain Area", and destroying it causes the giant alien that the game takes place in to explode, although the Vic Viper escapes before it does so.




Salamander has craters similar to the Moon and has an opening that leads to the planet's core and an escape route.


The iconic background theme generally heard in this stage is "Destroy Them All", composed by Konami Kukeiha Club.


The planet appears in Vol.1 as the main planet.



Description Audio
Theme of Salamander Planetoid - Destroy Them All (arcade)
Theme of Salamander Planetoid Mini Boss Battle - Aircraft Carrier (arcade)
Theme of Boss - Poison of Snake (arcade)
Theme of Salamander Ending - Peace Again
Theme of Salamander Planetoid - Destroy Them All (NES)
Theme of Boss - Poison of Snake (NES)
Theme of Life Force Ending - Peace Again (NES)


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