Salamander (サラマンダ?) is a OVA miniseries created by Pony Canyon and Konami in 1988 and distributed on VHS and LaserDisc. The series is comprised of three episodes, with the plot being an adaptation of the first three titles in the Gradius series (Gradius, Salamander and Gradius II). The episodes take many liberties with the Gradius lore and aren't considered canon.


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Episode 1: Salamander

The first episode, it retells the events of Salamander, focusing on Lord British as he attempts to fight against the Salamander Force attacking his home planet of Latis. He gets the help of Dan, Stephanie and Eddie, three pilots from Gradius, and though he is initially suspicious of them he eventually joins them on his own spaceship to attack Salamander.

Episode 2: Paula's Meditation

Actually a prequel to the first episode, focusing on the events of the original Gradius. The story this time focuses on the three Gradius pilots, as they discover a survivor of a Bacterian attack named Paula and eventually investigate a planet turned into a organic fortress by the Bacterian force.

Episode 3: Gofer's Ambition

Retelling the events of Gradius II, the final episode again focuses on Lord British. As he signs a peace treaty with Gradius, Stephanie is kidnapped by the Bacterian and taken to their Artificial Sun, where they plan on turning her into a cyber brain for Gofer to lead their forces against Gradius, so Lord British and Dan join forces to rescue her and thwart the Bacterian's plans.

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