Ruins of Silence is the fourth stage in Gradius Gaiden.


Moais can be destroyed by firing at their open mouths, so try to get as many of them as you can. Jade Knight's Round Laser is a real lifesaver in this level, as it can clear out the rings from every direction. Later on, the player will encounter larger Moai that shoot smaller Moai. Again, blast them in the mouth.

Toward the end of the stage you'll encounter the blue Moai, which fire large laser blasts. This isn't so bad, except the lasers continue to fire after destroying them, and destroying them changes the path of the laser, as the top of the Moai either crumbles downward or rolls backward.

Then getting to the large rotating "totem-pole" Moai, which are not unlike their Gradius III counterparts, except they're oriented horizontally instead of vertically.

Finally, at the end of the stage you're attacked by the Metal Serpent. Its major threat is that the inert Moai statues it knocks off the ceiling can kill you. While it can be destroyed, at the end of this section it will self-destruct if you didn't. Either way, it leaves behind several power-ups.

The boss in this stage is the Moai Dimension.





Description Audio
Theme of Air Battle #1 - Sky 1.
Theme of Air Battle #2 - Sky 2.
Theme of Ruins of Silence - MOAI.
Theme of Gradius Gaiden boss - Stage boss
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