Rotating Wall is the third boss in stage 8 in Gradius Galaxies.


Rotating Wall is the penultimate boss before Eleos Brain in Gradius Galaxies. Like the other Shadow Dancers, this one has to be avoided as it moves forward and backward. It can decrease and increase in size, making it hard to avoid. It will destroy in any second when it malfunctions the size.

Attack patterns

Rotating Wall first rolls in at normal size from the left, spinning clockwise slowly as it edges toward the right. When it eventually gets far enough right, it will stop and move toward the left, spinning counter-clockwise; as its first attack is able to be avoided due to a convenient anti-missile pit, this scrolling can catch players off guard. After reaching the left side of the screen, it will enlarge significantly, to the point that it is partially embedded in the wall, and resume rolling clockwise to the right. After reaching the right side of the screen one last time, it will stop in place as the screen continues to scroll away from it as it shrinks back to normal size, then it will briefly attempt to resume chase, before shrinking to a size smaller than the one it started at, and then "falling" upwards before exploding.

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