I Am Irene from Planet E-Square.
~ Irene sending her rescue message

Irene La Tias (イレーネ・ラ・ティアス Irēne Ra Tiasu?) is a character from Xexex. She also makes a cameo appearance in the original Otomedius.


Irene is the princess from the planet E-Square, acting as a damsel in distress. She has been captured by the villain Klaus Pachel Bell, who tortures her in the game's cutscenes. In the game's ending, the Flintlock rescues Irene and sends her back to her planet inside the Flint.


Irene appears as a reference to Xexex, as an automated distress beacon inside the Crystal Core D-X02. The actual character doesn't make an appearance, but the words she said at the beginning of Xexex plays before the player fights the Crystal Core D-X02. Irene is often mistaken for piloting the coreship because of this.

She is voiced by Sumi Shimamoto.


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