Pooyan (プーヤン Pūyan?) is a boss in Parodius Da!


Pooyan is the boss of Stage 8 in Parodius Da! Arcade and SNES, and the Stage 6 boss of the NES version. He is not in the GameBoy or PC-Engine versions of Parodius Da!

He is a giant puffer fish and a parody of the Covered Core from Gradius II.

Attack patterns

Pooyan moves around trying to ram you at first, but after you shoot him he backs up. He shoots a LOT of spikes that come out around his body.

After shooting Pooyan a few times, he'll grow larger. And larger. And larger. Soon he starts taking up huge portions of the screen. The spikes grow too, but don't worry about that. When he has one hit left, he takes up 90% of the screen, then explodes. His weakpoint is the mouth.

On the Famicom version, he doesn't take up much of the screen.


Move up and down so Pooyan doesn't ram you. When he releases the spikes, get in front of the mouth and shoot away. Back up when necessary. However, if a spike comes out of his mouth, hang near the back. More risky, but safe.



  • Pooyan is the same name of a old Konami Arcade game, Pooyan. Though this boss doesn't seem to have any relation with it.
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