Let's roll!
~ T-301's pilot talking to his past paradox
For other uses, see Vic Viper (disambiguation).

The pilot of Vic Viper T-301 is the unseen pilot of Vic Viper in Gradius V and the game's main protagonist.

He is voiced by Eric Kelso, while the Vic Viper's CPU voice is provided by Buster Winters.


Even though little is known about this male character, he's the pilot of Vic Viper in Gradius V. He repels Bacterian forces from an orbital military station near planet Gradius and encounters his future self requesting aid in destroying Bacterian's fortress. He eventually travels through time and manages to obliterate Bacterian with the help of his future self.

Although his name is not directly revealed, he seems to call himself "Vic Viper" (such as when he says: "Can you read me? This is Vic Viper."). His catchphrase seems to be: "Let's roll!"


  • In Otomedius Gorgeous, he makes a cameo appearance after the game is beaten with Aoba Anoa; she feels like her work is very solitary until he appears.
  • The AI installed in the Vic Viper T-301 could be Gaudie or an upgraded version of it.
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