Pentaro X (ペンタロウX Pentarō X?) is the boss in the special stage of Gokujō Parodius!


Pentaro X is a giant robotic penguin which appears in the special stage of Gokujō Parodius! It also appears in Paro Wars.

Attack patterns

This is no doubt the hardest boss in the entire Parodius series. He starts by shooting missiles which curve up and left, then he'll spin his head throwing fire. After that, he will shoot a laser aimed for you, then he'll release a red penguin that can be shot for a power capsule. He'll fly up and out of the screen, then he'll be at the top of the screen flying to the left, then he'll be at the bottom of the screen, flying to the right, then he'll land again. During all of this, keep firing at it's head. Every successful hit will make his head turn in one place.



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