Parasite Core (パラサイトコア Parasaito Koa?) is the second boss of the boss rush in Gradius Gaiden.


The Parasite Core appears after DeathDouble makes its way to the back, attaching itself to them and making an already difficult battle even more threatening.

Attack patterns

First, the two Deaths will appear onscreen, firing their lasers. If you stay in the middle of the screen, you won't be hit. The Parasite Core will appear after they fire twice. It will attach three tentacles to each Death. The Parasite Core alone can't do much but fire 2-3 energy balls. The Deaths will fire their beams though, trapping you in between them, making it harder to dodge. If you destroy the Parasite Core first, the Deaths will fight you as a pair, and when you destroy their beam hatch, they will begin firing spreads of five missiles, which home in on you on loop 2 or higher. However, if you destroy the Deaths first, the Parasite Core will begin firing sets of six lasers at you. These lasers are VERY accurate, and you more often than not will die if you choose this strategy.

The best strategy is to destroy one Death, destroy Parasite Core, then destroy the other Death. This usually results in an easy win. The Deaths have (technically) one barrier, the beam hatch, which has medium health. The Deaths core's are easily destroyed as they have little health. The Parasite Core has three barriers, each with low health, and a medium health core.

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