Otomedius Excellent (オトメディウスX(エクセレント!) Otomediusu X (Ekuserento!)?) is an Xbox 360 game and the sequel to the 2007 arcade game Otomedius by Konami, which is a spin-off of the side-shooting game Gradius series. It was released in March 2011 in Japan and early November of 2011.

Otomedius Excellent features a single player campaign with a new story, and a Multiplay mode in which 2 other players can play in. Players with an Xbox Live subscription can play online with other players in Score Attack mode and check their scores against other players on the Leaderboard. Alternate costumes and new stages were made available after release.


In the year 2011 A.D., after the civilization war between the Angel Squadrons and the Gofer Sisters before their memories taken the music box has been forbidden. The Inter-Dimensional Organization G is now continue of the new Bacterian Army with 4 new member squadrons to defeat the unknown Bacterian Force and the Dark Force was taken to earth and revolved their destruction but the Squadrons has going back in time to finish their most powerful forces among the real world of planet Gradius.

New characters


  • Arnval, pilot of Anthurium. From Busou Shinki.
  • Strarf, pilot of Alpinia. From Busou Shinki
  • Gesshi Hanafuuma, pilot of Axelay Viper. Based on Getsu Fuuma from Getsu Fuuma Den.
  • Kokoro Belmont, pilot of Stavros. Based on the Belmont Clan from Castlevania.


DLC bosses


1 The Big WaveMirrored Core
2 Midnight TetranTri-Pod Core
3 Spelunker of HellSerpent Core
4 The Ancient BacterianOld Big Core
5 The Return of Cosmic WarHeaven's Gate
6 Dark Force's Ambition Part 1Perla Meralda
Neo Big Core
Misfit Warship
Dellinger Core
Metal Slave
7 Dark Force's Ambition Part 2Gunner Wall
Black Viper
Death Bringer
8 Dark Force's Ambition Part 3Dark Force
DLC1 Skills to the TestScramble Ship
DLC2 Message from Emon-5Bisumaru Excellent
DLC3 The ReunionWinBee

Weapon Cards

Main article: Weapon Card

Content rating

  • USA: T (13 and up)
  • Japan: C (15 and up)


HD Otomedius X Excellent! Opening "Fly"

HD Otomedius X Excellent! Opening "Fly"

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