Otomedius (オトメディウス Otomediusu?) is a side scrolling shooter by Konami which featured personification of space fighters from various Konami games. The main characters are females, designed by Mine Yoshizaki, with a set of equipments resembling space fighters from the side-scroller games by the same company Gradius, Xexex, Salamander and Parodius. The name is a pun, being a portmanteau of the terms "otome" (meaning "maiden" in Japanese) and "Gradius". The arcade version makes use of Konami's E-amusement service to store player's data. It was first shown at august 2007 and later released on October 15, 2007. A port called Otomedius Gorgeous was later on released for the Xbox 360 in November 20, 2008 in Japan.


In 2008, Konami released a set of figures based on the main characters on the game. These designs use the Konami MMS2nd figure as their base, the same used in their Busou Shinki line. The sets also each contained 2 penguin mascots which are common enemies in the game Parodius.


The game plays similarly to Gradius but with some differences. For starters, the player character already have a force field upon starting and re-spawning. When the character gets killed, they instantly respawn ala Salamander. And finally, they can use a D-Burst attack that acts as a bomb weapon which clears the screen of enemies and bullets.

Even how the stages are laid out are different. Instead of the traditional 6-10 stages that must be tackled in order, Otomedius allows the player to pick up to three stages in any order and set a difficulty for each stage. After playing the stages, the game ends, the player receives an Otome card and the his/her progress is saved to the e-amusement pass.

Character design

The character design is done by Mine Yoshizaki who already participated in the manga adaptation of Detana!! TwinBee, fifth game in the series TwinBee and second to appear in arcade. Among other works, Mine Yoshizaki is famous for his manga Arcade Gamer Fubuki addition to the well-known Keroro Gunso and design of Angol Fear for the game Soul Calibur IV.





1 San Salvador IslandEliza's Pet Seal
2 TokyoEyegol
3 AlexandriaShip of Sun
Scarab Core
4 AntarcticaCrystal Core D-X02
EX Versus ModeBig Core MK I
Abaddon Warship
Mayhem Warship
Viva Core
Big Core MK II
Rolling Core
Covered Core MK II
Zelos Force Fortune


naya~n and Kashiwagi Ruzarin were commissioned to compose the original tracks for the arcade game. A whole slew of composers were brought in to compose music for the DLC song packs on Otomedius Gorgeous.

AOU 2007 version

The version presented on the Arcade Owners Union expo was different than the final version.

  • It is only possible to play the San Salvador Island Stage or the Alexandria Stage. In the former L.B. Gofer appears instead of Eliza.
  • In the first release, the only playable characters were Aoba Anoa, Erul Tron and Emon • 5.
  • Another version of the game allowed to use Madoka and Diol Twee as playable characters.
  • The final version of the game included Tita Nium as the last playable character.
  • Demo Video.

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