On the Event Horizon is the seventh stage in Gradius Gaiden.


Ah... the good ol' Eioneus. It just isn't Gradius without the Volcano stage. There's absolutely nothing here you haven't seen in previous Gradius Volcano stages... other than the minor issue of the honking huge black hole that's sucking in the level behind you. Fortunately the effect is mostly cosmetic, having no effect on your ship,though your missiles might get pulled in.

It's kind of funny to see any turrets you may have missed get sucked in, though. Try not to get too distracted though, since the enemies here are a bit more aggressive than they've been in previous levels, and there are plenty of loose rocks tumbling around for you to crash into. Also be aware that you can damage the rocky platforms that are the staple of these sorts of levels, and if you disconnect them from the floor or ceiling they'll go flying into the black hole.

If your ship has any kind of rear firing ability, use it to get rid of those laser ships that approach from behind before they can become a threat.

Watch your back and destroy Kraken.




Description Audio
Theme of Air Battle #1 - Sky 1.
Theme of Air Battle #2 - Sky 2.
Theme of On the Event Horizon - Black Hole
Theme of Gradius Gaiden boss - Stage boss
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