Nucleus (細胞核 Saibōkaku?) is the boss of stage 6 in Gradius.


The Nucleus is the boss of level 6 in the original Gradius. It consists of a pink amoeboid core and a large crystal structure formed of the same material as the rest of the stage.

Attack patterns

The Nucleus will constantly spray random projectiles from the vents to each side of its head. Aside from that, it's only attack is to occasionally spawn Amoebas.


Nucleus makes a very brief appearance in the third episode of the Salamander anime. In the anime, it is pink colored and doesn't contain the core.



  • Due to sprite limitations, the pink core of the Nucleus does not appear in the NES version of the game.
  • Various lifeforms that look almost identical to Nucleus's Core (complete with a sphere of latticed webbing) appear in the background at various points in Stage 5 of Gradius Gaiden. Unlike this boss, however, these are purely background elements and do not attack the player in any way.
  • In cell biology, the nucleus is an organelle that contains almost all of a eukaryotic cell's genome.
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