Nemesis Online: Destroy The Core is a freeware shooter game by Kotai of Remakes Online. As the title suggests, it's a bit of Nemesis with online features.


  • Classic Nemesis gameplay preserved and brought into a modern era of games.
  • Online "high score" charts updated after each playthrough of a stage.
  • Stage editor to create new challenges for players the world over.
  • you can join with other people without Hosting
  • Online mode for up to 8 players.
  • Ranking system for both scores and medal's.
  • You can Select any ship in options menu
  • Create stages with the Stage Editor


NemesisO Nemesis 3-1 MSX

Nemesis 3, Area 1 in the offline mode of Nemesis Online.

The basic gameplay follows the formula first implemented by the original Nemesis in that you, controlling the Metalion, which is based from Gradius IV's Vic Viper, fly horizontally through stages and defeat the bosses at the end, aiming to rack up as many points as possible in the process. Players can submit their scores to the website right through the game client and compete with other players for bragging rights.this game will show you how long you been training in the other gradius saga games

Offline Mode

Offline mode plays like you'd expect, you being the only player playing through the various stages available while racking up as many points as possible. After completing a level or completing all levels, you're given a chance to upload your level or game score to the online high score listing (if you've chosen to enable that feature).

Online Mode

In the main menu of the Nemesis Online screen there is a online options which allows you to join any servers/room a player is hosting. Up to 8 players can play in a single room. When players beat a stage while online with other players a ranking is shown for players with the highest score to the least. The player who scores the highest gets rewarded a regular medal and a special medal. There is a ranking for the medals on the hompage of the website.



Power-ups in Nemesis Online are heavily inspired and borrows from Nemesis 2 in that a number of weapons can be upgraded. Players start out with the standard shot, but they can gain not only shot and missile upgrades, but a second type of sub-weapon as well.

General Upgrades

The player's ship can hold each of these upgrades without one overriding another.

  • (S)peed-Up - Speed-Ups enable the player to move around the screen faster.
  • (M)issile - Gives the player the ability to drop missiles. Can be upgraded to Land, Hawk, and Homing Missile.
  • (O)ption - Gives the player glowing drones which follow the path of the player's ship as well as firing whatever weapons the player has equipped at the time. The player can have a maximum of two Options. If the player dies, the Options will become dormant and remain where they lay until picked up again(only work in online mode).
  • (?) Shield - The player gains a pair of powerful, star-shaped shields directly in front. Can be upgraded further to a full-fledged Force Field.

Primary Weapon Upgrades

Only one primary weapon may be equipped at a time. Changing weapons will immediately cancel any upgrades gained.

  • (N)ormal Shot - The default weapon of the Metalion. Can be upgraded to Tail Gun , 4 Way Shot and 8 Way Shot.
  • (R)ipple Laser - The Metalion fires out energy rings which expand and cover a decent amount of vertical area. Can be upgraded to Super Ripple
  • (L)aser - The Metalion's default shots become lasers which pierce through normal enemies. Can be upgraded to Meteo and Screw Laser.

Secondary Weapon Upgrades

Only one secondary weapon may be equipped at a time. Changing weapons will immediately cancel any upgrades gained.

  • (U)p Laser - Fires a small, horizontal beam of energy straight up. Can be upgraded to expand the horizontal length it covers.
  • (D)iagonal Laser - Fires a laser up and down diagonally ahead. Can be upgraded with the Reflex and Quad Laser.


before you start to play the game, the player Default ships are these:

Player 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8


the default ships are supposed to have v tails. why these planes look like copies of the vic viper, is a mystery.


Stage Editor

NemesisO Editor

The stage editor.

To do...


The following is a list of the current stages as of 10/7/10.

  • AncientBattle
Sub-Bosses - ToybigCore, DualBigCore, ToyWall, Phantom Core, TripleBlackCore, LaserCore, Mayhemkai, Venom
Boss - Phantom core Mk II, Level 2
  • AncientCave
Sub-Bosses - N/A
Boss - Big Skeleton, Level 1
  • AncientRuins
Sub-Bosses - N/A
Boss - Riot Warship, Level 2
  • AsteroidBase
Sub-Bosses - Bossaba, Roboto
Boss - Doka, Level 5
  • BaseAssault
Sub-Bosses - Gun Wall, Gun Wall 1.2
Boss - Heaven's Gate, Level 4
  • BeachWaves
Sub-Bosses - N/A
Boss - Toy Big Core, Level 1
  • BigCoreChallenge
Sub-Bosses - Big Core MK I * 8
Boss - Big Core MK I (Fast Speed), Level 2
  • BonusFun
Sub-Bosses - N/A
Boss - Venom, Level 3
  • BonusStage1
Sub-Bosses - N/A
Boss - Big Core MK I, Level 1
  • CandyLand
Sub-Bosses - N/A
Boss - Big Core MK I, Level 1
  • CastleDungeon
Sub-Bosses - Big Skeleton
Boss - Maru Maru, Level 1
  • CoreFactoryEntrance
Sub-Bosses - Plate Core, Death MK II
Boss - Super Big Core (Shoot The Core), Level 8
  • CoreFactoryLaboratory
Sub-Bosses - Dark/Gold Big Core Rev. 1.1, Blue Tetran, Giga Chaser Core, Big Core MK I (Otomedius)
Boss - Super Death MK II (Shoot The Core), Level 9
  • CoreFactoryUnderground
Sub-Bosses - Demos 1.2, Giant Guardian Core, Big Core MK III Kai, Burning Core, Core Formation
Boss - Super Beacon (Shoot The Core), Level 10
  • DeathSpace
Sub-Bosses - Big Core MK I * 3
Boss - Big Core MK I (Slow Speed), Level 1
  • DesertRush
Sub-Bosses - N/A
Boss - Death Core MK II (Nemesis Online), Level 1
  • DestroyThemAll
Sub-Bosses - Big Core Rev. 1.1, Big Core MK I (Gradius Rebirth), Big Core MK I
Boss - Covered Tetran, Level 1
  • FinalAssault
Sub-Bosses - Disrupt
Boss - Heaven's Gate, Level 5
  • FlamingTundra
Sub-Bosses - N/A
Boss - Volcano Core (Gradius Rebirth Style), Level 2
  • FreezeRush
Sub-Bosses - Enigma (Gradius Rebirth)
Boss - Big Core MK I, Level 4
  • GalacticDesert
Sub-Bosses - N/A
Boss - Death Core MK I, Level 1
  • GiantStatuePlanet
Sub-Bosses - Riot Warship Kai
Boss - Bonus Boulex (Bonus Stage), Level 1
  • GradiusIII1-1
Sub-Bosses - N/A
Boss - Goliath, Level 1
  • HiddenCavern
Sub-Bosses - N/A
Boss - Big Core MK I, Level 4
  • HighSpeed
Sub-Bosses - Firebird * 2
Boss - Heaven's Gate, Level 5
  • InnerNature
Sub-Bosses - N/A
Boss - Choking Weed MK II, Level 4
  • LivingBody
Sub-Bosses - N/A
Boss - Abaddon Warship, Level 3
  • MadHouse
Sub-Bosses - Tetran (MSX) * 2
Boss - Tetran (MSX, Fast Speed), Level 2
  • MechaBase
Sub-Bosses - N/A
Boss - Tetran (MSX), Level 4
  • MegaBosses1
Sub-Bosses- Big Core Rev. 1.1, Tetran (MSX), Misfit Warship (MSX), Covered Tetran, Heaven's Gate, Firebird, Big Core MK I (Gradius Rebirth, 2nd form), Abaddon Warship, Dellinger Core
Boss - Big Skeleton, Level 1
  • MoaiBrawl
Sub-Bosses - N/A
Boss - Twin Vaif, Level 3
  • Nemesis1-1
Sub-Bosses - N/A
Boss - Big Core MK I, Level 1
  • Nemesis1-2
Sub-Bosses - N/A
Boss - Big Core MK I, Level 2
  • Nemesis1-3
Sub-Bosses - N/A
Boss - Big Core MK I * 3, Level 3
  • Nemesis1-4
Sub-Bosses - Iron Maiden MK I
Boss - Big Core MK I * 3, Level 4
  • Nemesis1-5
Sub-Bosses - N/A
Boss - Big Skeleton, Level 5
  • Nemesis1-6
Sub-Bosses - N/A
Boss - Big Cell (Nemesis Online), Level 6
  • Nemesis1-7
Sub-Bosses - N/A
Boss - Cell Nucleus, Level 7
  • Nemesis1-8
Sub-Bosses - N/A
Boss - Xaeous Brain, Level 8
  • Nemesis2-1

Sub-Bosses - N/A

Boss - Riot Warship MSX, Level 1

  • Nemesis3-1

Sub-Bosses - N/A

Boss - Fire Bird, Level 1

  • NoReturn

Sub-Bosses - BigCore Rev. 1.1 Army

Boss - Heaven"s gate, Level 3

  • OneDestiny

Sub-Bosses - BigCoreMKI, Ogre Shield, Gunwall, Tetran, BigCoreMKII

Boss - Vic Viper Clone, Level 5

  • Rebirthstage2

Sub-Bosses - Zub Rush

Boss - Crawler X, Level 2

  • SalamanderMSX1-1

Sub-Bosses - N/A

Boss - Brain Golem, Level 1

  • SpacePipe

Sub-Bosses - BigCore Rev. 1.2

Boss - BigCore MKI (GR-S), Level 6

  • SpaciousValleys

SUb-Bosses - BigCoreMKI (2 cores)

Boss - GoldBigCore Rev. 1.1, Level 2

  • SR388

Sub-Bosses - N/A

Boss - Big Cell(nemesis Online), Level 1

  • TetransRevenge

Sub-Bosses - Brain Golem, Big Cell (nemesis Online), Big Skelleton(nemesis online), 4 MSX tetrans

Boss - Red Tetran MSX, Level 3

  • TetransTomb

Sub-Bosses - N/A

Boss - MSX tetran, Level 1

  • TheEscape

Sub-Bosses - N/A

Boss - BigCoreMKI, Level 3

  • TheEscapePartII

Sub-Bosses - N/A

Boss - Beacom, Level 4

  • TheHorizon

Sub-Bosses - Volcan umbrellas

Boss - BigCoreMKII, Level 2

  • unkownbase

Sub-Bosses - N/A

Boss - Bydo (r-type), Level 1

  • Volcano

Sub-Bosses - Volcan umbrellas

Boss - BigCoreMKI (2 cores) and Zebs, Level 3

  • WildNature

Sub-bosses - GunWall (rebirth)

Boss - Heaven"s Gate, Level 2

  • Wrecked Base

Sub.Bosses - Dark DeathMKII, Unknown Core(shoot The Core)

Boss - Stranger Robot (Thunder Force IV), Level 1

  • ZebWorld

Sub-Bosses - BigCoreMKII (otomedius), DeathMKIII, Ultra Zeb (2 zebs) Boss - Master Zeb (nemesis online)

and more...


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