Nemesis '90 Kai is a enhanced port/remake of Nemesis 2 exclusive for the Sharp X68000. It was developed by SPS and published by Konami, and released on November 12, 1993 in Japan.


The game follows the same plot and general stage layout of the original, although with many notable enhancements and additions:

  • Fully redrawn 16-bit graphics, on par with the SNES version of Gradius III.
  • Smooth scrolling and better controls due to the more powerful hardware.
  • Fully remixed soundtrack, as well as new sound effects.
  • A handful of new bosses exclusive to this version, which replace the boss rematches of the original.
  • Two new stages: an asteroid field and a waterfall area.


Note: Boss names in italic are unofficial.
1, 12 Colossus PlanetRiot WarshipKiller Coast Land
2 Plant PlanetLizard CoreA Planet of Plants
3 Ancient PlanetMisfit WarshipRed Diamond
4 Floating ContinentsBig Core MK I
Mayhem Warship
Dancing Venus
5, 9 Planet of FireLaser CoreBlazed Up
6, 8 Living PlanetDoomFrontier Disputes
7 SinSinar
Abaddon Warship
Don't Leave Me Alone
10 Asteroid BeltBig Core MK II KaiKiller Love
11 Water PlanetBeta CoreTears Began Gushing
13 Venom MothershipVenomMoonspin
Characters James Burton (Metalion) • David Burton (Vixen) • GaudieVenomVenom's AidesLars 17thWreek
Nemesis 2 stages Colossus PlanetPlant PlanetAncient PlanetFloating ContinentsPlanet of FireLiving PlanetSinAsteroid BeltWater PlanetVenom Mothership
Nemesis 3 stages SunPlantGravityPast-BossMoaiHellSandCellFactoryGofer Ship
Nemesis 2 bosses SoddRiot WarshipMisfit WarshipBig Core X10Mayhem WarshipDoomSinarAbaddon WarshipVenom
Nemesis '90 Kai exclusive bosses Lizard CoreLaser CoreBig Core MK II KaiBeta Core
Nemesis 3 bosses Geezer ButlerHans NaughtyTetranAbaddon WarshipMisfit WarshipBig CoreArmored SaintLynyrd SkynyrdTriumph KicksKiller DwarfCrab WarlockQueensrÿcheGofer
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