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Moai Zone is a stage in Gradius III. It is the fifth stage in the arcade version and the fourth stage in the SNES version of the game.


As its name suggests, this is another Moai stage. Moai fire the usual ion rings at the player while giant Flying Moai shoot normal Moai out of their mouths. The player must maneuver around them, as the Flying Moai are indestructible.

Right before any Moais appear, an Option Hunter will enter the screen from behind, so try to move away from the rear part of the screen and maneuver accordingly to avoid getting any Options snatched away.

Totem Moais will eventually appear as the stage progresses; these consist of four Moai attached to a single rotating stone. The stones are generally stacked over each other, forming a column that sometimes block passage. All four Moai from each stone must be destroyed in order for it to be destroyed and thus clear an opening to pass through.





Description Audio
Theme of Air Battle #1 - Departure for Space (Arcade)
Theme of Moai Zone - Easter Stone (Arcade)
Theme of Boss theme - Dark Force (Arcade)
Theme of Air Battle - Departure for Space (SNES)
Theme of Moai Zone - Easter Stone (SNES)
Theme of Boss 2 - Dark Force 2 (SNES)
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