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==See Also:==
==See Also:==
*[[Abandon Warship]]
*[[Abandon Warship]]
*[[Mayhem Warship]]
*[[Mayhem Warship|Mayhem Warship[[File:Misfit.png|thumb|It also appeared in Otomedius Excellent!]]]]

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The Misfit Warship could be seen as an upgraded version of Big Core, because it shoots four medium lasers. It is the boss of stages 2, 3, 11, and 12 in the normal version and only stage 3 in the X68000 remake. It is also part of the boss rush in Nemesis III. The X68000 version adds an additional attack.It has 9 Barriers and 1 core,all which take 1 shot with a laser to destroy.

Attack Patterns

The Misfit Warship acts just like Big Core MK I. It moves up and down shooting it's weapons at you. There are two different versions for stage 2, 12 and 3, 11. The first version shots longer lasers at an average rate. The second version shoots shorter lasers more frequently.

In the X68000 version, be careful of the shrapnel bullets after shooting the core armor. Also in the X68000 version, the first attack it does is to shoot two Blue large -and wide lasers as a surprise tactic then uses Big Cores 4 laser attack but it is Brown and thin but longer .


See Also:

  • Abandon Warship
  • [[Mayhem Warship|Mayhem Warship

    It also appeared in Otomedius Excellent!

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