For the flying pig, see Michael.

Mike and Ran are playable characters from Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius. They are a pair of cats with what looks like bandages between their legs, a comical way of suggesting they've been neutered. Ran is TwinBee's tea-drinking friend while Mike is WinBee's karaoke partner, and they both joined their friends to search for the legendary Phantom Takoyaki.

Mike's weapon set is heavily based on the first Darius, while Ran takes her weapons from R-Type Leo. Mike also makes an appearance in the Parodius pachislot games.

Weapon set


S= Speed Up

M= H. Bomb

D= Wave

L= Laser

O= Grade Up

?= Force Field


S= Speed Up

M= H. Bit

D= Reflect

L= S. Laser

O= Grade Up

?= Shield


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