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Mechanical Base is the tenth and final stage in the arcade version of Gradius III. It takes place on the surface of the Bacterian planet, then flies into the planet's mechanized core. It is considered to be one of the hardest stage in the whole Gradius series.


Part I
Bosses on parade

Welcome to the Boss Rush! The bosses, in order, are:

After Dellinger Core is defeated, fly down into the crater to find the entrance to the next area.

Part II

Upon entering, the lights blink on and off while Zubs appear to hound the Vic Viper. After passing through that and evading incoming floor tiles, the next obstacle is a small maze in which laser-firing ships move among tight spaces. Even if destroyed, the ships will remain and block access, so the path must be planned out quickly to avoid getting trapped.

Next comes the familiar moving wall traps, followed by indestructible mini Crabs blocking passageways. A new obstacle follows: the spinning lasers. They rotate and criss-cross at multiple angles, severely limiting space. The boss at the end of this area is Disrupt, the new model gunwall.

Part III
Final approach

The worst is yet to come! Shadow Gear will come marching in, and afterward is a tricky cell wall in which the Vic Viper must avoid indestructible globes in the tight spaces between the walls. The final boss at the very end is Bacterian itself. As in tradition of Gradius games, Bacterian itself is easily killed, although he will try to attack with strange energy blasts that will send the Vic Viper back in time. However, an intensely-difficult high-speed area will follow as the Vic Viper escapes the base. If a life is lost, the player will return to the cell wall area.

Time warp stages

If for some inane reason the Vic Viper is hit by one of Bacterian's attacks, one of two mini-stages will begin, each based on the respective first stages of Gradius and Salamander, and ending with the corresponding boss (Big Core and Golem). All power-ups will be taken away at the start of these stages, and the game will return to the beginning of the cell wall area when the Vic Viper either dies or completes the stage.


Description Audio
Theme of Boss Rush - Aircraft Carrier, Poison of Snake and Take Care!
Theme of Mechanical Base 1 - Mechanical Base
Theme of Mechanical Base 2 - Final Shot.
Theme of Boss theme - Dark Force.
Theme of Escape - Escape to The Freedom.
Theme of Gradius III ending - Return to Star.
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