Madoka (マドカ Madoka?) is one of the main characters in the Otomedius series and she is based on Madoka from the TwinBee series.


An immigrant from Planet Mel, Madoka is an engineering genius who built her own Riding Viper, the Murdoch Viper, from scratch but inspired from her grandfather, Dr. Mardock. She enjoys baking and other domestic activities. On Earth, she's a first-year high school student along with her fellow teammate, Tita Nium.

She is voiced by Sawa Ishige.

Initial Weaponry


  • S = Speed Up
  • D = Back Double
  • L = Vulcan
  • M = Rocket Punch
  • O = Search Option
  • B = D-Burst Charge

Otomedius Gorgeous

  • S = Speed Up
  • D = Back Double
  • L = Vulcan
  • M = Rocket Punch
  • O = Search Option
  • ? = Force Field

Otomedius Excellent

Madoka has upgraded her Riding Viper, which is now the Murdoch Viper Mk II. She is a character suited for more advanced players mainly because her default laser weapon, the Vulcan, can be hard to focus on an enemy core and her Bee-Units (Twinbee, Winbee, and Gwinbee) will aim at the nearest enemy and not at where you want them to shoot. She also does not have a weapon that can shoot above or below you. Her Platonic Break summons Shooting Star, a legendary fighter ship from her planet, which fires its lasers and missiles as it goes.

Madoka's Ship
  • S = Speed Up
  • D = Back Double (DLC Weapon = Cannon)
  • M = Rocket Punch
  • L = Valcan
  • O = Bee-Unit
  • ? = Barrier
  • Platonic Break = Summoning of Shooting Star

Based from



  • Madoka is the first Otomedius character who have a different human species instead of Erul Tron's Gradian species.
    Madoka Twnbee

    The original Madoka

    Madoka is interested in an ancient girl whose name is the same as hers - this is referring to the original Madoka in the TwinBee series.
  • The original Madoka of TwinBee fame loves to makes cookies, but her skills with baking cookies are known to be very devastating and bad. She cooks other foods very well, though. Unlike the ancient Madoka, Madoka in Otomedius is a good cookie baker. though Tita doesn't seem to think so.
  • In the ending card of Otomedius Excellent, Madoka wearing in her original form except her hair but untied her purple ribbon hair.
  • Madoka underwent significant design changes between Gorgeous and Excellent; of note, she wears shorts now, instead of a skirt. She's also opted for Twinbee's iconic gloves.
  • Madoka's DLC BGMs are based from TwinBee Series, focusing more in the themes of Arcade Versions like "Gift of the Wind", "Aquatic March", "Crossing the Sea of Clouds" or "Twin Flight".
  • Madoka's DLC costume is a Dynastic Dress, which the original Madoka also wore. The exclusive double weapon attached to this new outfit is the Cannon, which is a quick-firing laser burst akin to an old-fashioned E-Laser, albeit VERY fast. It is a pretty effective weapon overall, and likely only gets better at Levels 2 and 3.

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