For the spaceship, see Lord British.

Lord British is a character from Salamander and one of the protagonists in the Salamander anime.


Although Lord British never appears in person in the actual game, he is constantly mentioned in the manuals. British is the brave crown prince of Latis, an important ally of the Gradius Empire. When Latis is attacked by the Salamander Force, following a centuries old prophecy, the Latis Army proves to be no match against the invading forces, so the prince decides to throw himself into battle using a prototype space-fighter of his design to seek help from Gradius, which aid the prince by sending one of the Vic Viper space-fighters.

After the battle against Salamander, Lord British is crowned King of Latis and, in honor of his achievements, his ship would be named after himself and adopted by the Gradius Army as one of their main space-fighters.

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