Emperor Lars 17th (皇帝ラーズ17世 Kōtei Rāzu 17-sei?) is a character from Nemesis 2.


Succeeding the throne as the 17th Emperor in 6647, Lars 17th was born Hughs Hammett. As Emperor, he promoted the application of new technologies to harness the Wreek Power as a new energy source, while at the same time he gave permission to the Ministry of National Earth Science and Technology to begin development of the Vic Viper and Metalion super spatiotemporal fighters, in order to strenghten Gradius's military in preparation for the imminent Bacterian invasion.

On year 6664 he crushes the coup d'etat of the Space Science Agency led by Venom and orders his exile to Planet Sard. However, the coup worsened the political situation of the Empire, until in 6665 Lars ends assassinated by an agitator. He would later be succeeded by James Burton after the Silent Nightmare Incident.


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