The Kraken (クラーケン Kurāken?) is the boss of Stage 7 in Gradius Gaiden.


The Kraken is a large core warship with two arms, four frontal barriers and another three on its back.

Attack patterns

Kraken is somewhat unpredictable, moving its arms to fire giant lasers while firing smaller lasers as well. After a few shots, it starts using its arms to track you, firing two lasers in your general direction. When it's done doing this, it flips around (which is the only time you can hit its back barriers) and grabs a boulder from what's left of the stage to guard itself with. The boulder has minimal health and will go down easily; however, Kraken will release it if you take too long.

After this, it goes on as normal, except when it gets the boulder this time, it's huge. It'll sweep the boulder around, then face you. This bigger boulder has just a little bit more health than its frontal barriers. Its frontal barriers have a moderate amount of health and its back barriers have a moderate-high amount of health. Its core has a low amount of health. Overall, watch its arms and you'll be fine.


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