Keeper's Core (キーパーズコア?) is the second midboss of stage 7 in Gradius V.


It is fought just before Elephant Gear in stage 7. It is arguably the hardest gunwall boss in the series, and one of the hardest bosses in the game.

Attack patterns

First, Keeper's Core makes artificial Gravity waves on the top and bottom to try to make the player crash while its firing plasma shots at the player. Instead of making Duckers, the duckers come from the left of the screen and attack.

When you destroy the three weapons that fires plasma shots, Keeper's Core stops the gravity waves and charge at the player and starting to move back and for the first time this is the gun wall that can actually move on it own and The spheres you used at an early section of the stage are now obstacles for douching all the Ray cannon wave after the Gunwall release. Easy to deafeat with freeze opt. and e-laser.


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