Judy & Melora (ジュデー&メローラ Judē & Merōra?) are the first bosses in Jikkyō Oshaberi Parodius.


Judy, much like Anna Pavlova, is a female panda. This time she is a singer instead of a ballerina, she also comes with the duck-like Melora in its head serving as a weakspot.

Attack patterns

Judy has two primary attacks: Her main attack is to summon a microphone, and proceed to start singing. Apparently tone deaf, these physical music notes act as destructible projectiles and travel towards the player. Her secondary attack is to jump, whilst walking. Care must be taken to not be above the boss in case she does this. In between attacks she will walk the length of the battle arena.

In the Saturn/PSX remake, as an additional attack, when she lands after jumping, Penguins will fall from the top of the screen.


Judy can only be damaged whilst she is walking, and is invincible during her attacks. A character with spread or explosion based weapons can sit beside her whilst she is singing and remain unharmed, as her projectiles can not withstand much damage.


  • The duck-like Melora shares the same name with the Princess Melora from the TwinBee series. Interestingly enough, the dress Judy is wearing is very similar to the dress the Princess Melora is wearing (with the exception of the color).

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