Jan Ken Pon (ジャンケンポン?) is a boss in Parodius.


Jan Ken Pon appears as the second stage boss in Parodius, it is the embodiment of the "Rock Paper Scissors" game. An extremely unlucky player might have a very frustrating time against this boss.

Prior to the battle, the player must select from three different hands. When the boss appears, depending on what the boss has chosen, different events will occur:

  • You Win:

The boss self destructs straight away.

  • Draw:

You must now battle the boss.

  • You Lose:

The player is sent back to the start of the level. Not checkpoint. Level.

The one in three chance of getting sent back to the start of the stage is the biggest danger of the battle. It's weak spot is the finger tips.

Attack patterns

The firing pattern depends on the shape of the boss, it's most prominent fingers fire Finger Missiles. The boss will move around the side of the screen and will occasionally attempt to ram you.

Rock:No finger missiles, but can still ram. The easiest.

Scissors:2 finger missiles

Paper:4? finger missiles, also the hardest of them all.

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