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Ivan (イワン Iwan?) and Toby (トビー Tobī?) are playable characters in the Parodius series.


Ivan and Toby are two tough-looking penguins. Their names together form of Iwatobi, the Japanese name for the Rockhopper Penguin which they are intended to be. The long yellow eyebrows of this duo are the most striking feature of this particular penguin species. They replace Pentaro and Hanako in Sexy Parodius. Ivan is controlled by the first player, while Toby is controlled by the second player.

  • Ivan - He smuggled into a bacterian republic to save his best friend, but he got captured instead. He managed to run away, as his self suggestion kept his mind from being manipulated. He intends to retaliate against bacterians. Ivan is aged 37 years old.
  • Toby - Ivan's colleague, they smuggled into a bacterian republic, but only Toby could flee from there. He regrets so much of having left Ivan, and smuggles in again to save him. He lost his left eye. He feels guilty as Ivan was reshuffled. He spontaneously took the operation, to be reshuffled as well. Toby is aged 43 years old.

Weapon set

  • S: Speed Up
  • M: Iwatobi Missile
  • D: Iwatobi Shot
  • L: Bound Shot
  • O: Penguin Option
  • ?: Pentaro X (Armor)

Unlike Pentaro and Hanako before them, their options act like regular positions.

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