Into the Crystal Cage is the third stage in Gradius Gaiden.


Unlike the Crystal Stage of Gradius II, the crystals here are indestructible.

After the announcer warns of a "UFO coming", you'll see the Prism Maker fly across the background. A more immediate threat are the two ships that appear in the foreground, which can reflect all Laser weapons.

The Prism Maker will start dropping small crystals, which you'll notice change the path of Lasers. Regular shots and most guns can actually push the smaller crystals away. For the rest of the level you'll have to maneuver around free-floating larger versions of the deflecting crystals, often with small turrets attached. Note that if you have the Guard shield active you won't really have to worry about them. As usual though, make every effort to remove laser firing enemies as soon as possible. The boss in this stage is the Shining Core.




Description Audio
Theme of Air Battle #1 - Sky 1.
Theme of Air Battle #2 - Sky 2.
Theme of Into the Crystal Cage - Crystal.
Theme of Gradius Gaiden Boss - Stage Boss
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