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Destroy the HEAD!
~ Announcer in Salamander 2

Hydra (ハイドラ Haidora?) is a boss in Salamander 2.


The Hydra is a dragon-like boss of the second stage, Prominence Fortress. It is notable for being one of the few mechanical bosses in the Gradius series that does not have a core of any kind. It has seven heads.

Attack patterns

The Hydra will simply float at the top of the screen, firing flames randomly from each of it's heads. It will swere around over you occasionally, which can be strangely hypnotizing. It will rarely switch its attack pattern, where it will recoil all of its head and launch a HUGE blast of fire forward. This fire moves slowly, so the best way to fight the battle is to leave your options in front of the heads, as they cannot fire in any direction other than straight down.

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